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Hello fellow yogis and yoginis! I would love for you to be able to share things that I have learned and experienced throughout my life on my travels and just on a day to day basis.  I try to blog at least once a week, keeping you updated on cool events, information relating to yoga, and maybe just general life experiences. My goal is to help the world understand how yoga benefits the body and mind and creates joy in everyday life.  Some posts will be located on this website, but my regular blog is located on my personal website which you can access at

For posts found on this site, look at the side bar located on the left side of the page.  The most recent posts will be under “Recent Posts” in the middle of the right sidebar.  If you want to browse past posts, you can click on topics under “Categories” to search for specific areas of interest.  You can also look under the “Archives” for posts written during certain months or years.  You can subscribe to our RSS feed by clicking on the “Subscribe to RSS” icon at the top of the right sidebar and receive email notifications when a new post is written.  To do this click on “Subscribe to RSS” and then under “Actions” on the right column on the page click on “Subscribe by mail.”

To find my personal blog you can go to the link above for my personal site at, and the posts will be underneath the welcome post at the top of the page in chronological order going backwards.  You can also subscribe to my newsletter on my personal site by entering your name and email into the blue box found in the top right corner of the page.  This will keep you up to date on events, retreats, workshops, and any other cool yogic adventures that may come up!

I hope that through my experiences I can bring you a greater understanding of the yoga world.  Thank your for being part of the Private Yoga, San Diego family and for taking an interest in my blog.  Namaste!    -Heidi


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Parvritta Baddha Padmasana

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