Private Yoga Class Prices

At Private Yoga, San Diego we want to provide you with the best, private yoga experience possible.  Our group of teachers have extensive training and have been teaching in particular specialities, and we recommend the best teacher for your needs and goals.  Our goal is to make our classes accessible to any person wanting to deepen their yoga practice through private or small group classes.  Not only do we offer you reasonable rates per session, but we give you a discounted price for every additional session you add to your class package.  We also offer lessons for groups of 2 and 3 so that friends, family members, and loved ones can participate in private yoga classes together.

You can purchase private yoga lessons as a gift for a friend(s), or for yourself and loved ones.  If you are purchasing sessions as a gift, we will simply leave the nature of the class open so that, that specific individual can give us their intentions and we can format the session based on their needs.  If you are purchasing for yourself  individually or with others, think about and answer the following questions so that we can create the best private yoga experience for you:

1) Have you ever practiced yoga before? If so, how many times/years and what styles?
2) Do you have any injuries or pre existing health conditions that we should be aware of?
3) What is your intention or goals for starting private yoga classes?
4) How many times a week would you like to practice and what times/days work best for you?
5) What other activities are you involved in outside of yoga? (ie desk job, cycling, running, etc)

Descriptions of the types of yoga and examples of injuries, health conditions, and intentions can be found on the “Your Yoga” page by clicking HERE or on the tab above.

The price chart for private yoga sessions is found below.  For the prices listed, you receive each session at 60 minute length and the time necessary for the teacher to consider your individual intention and create your personalized yoga sequence.  Pricing is based on the number of sessions booked at one time and is an additional $10 per person per class for each additional person in the lesson.  The discount on prices is shown in red.  If you are interested in booking private yoga sessions please contact us via email ( or by filling out the form on the “Contact Us” page by clicking HERE.

Private Yoga Class Pricing
Single Class – $90
10 Pack of Classes – $800 ($80 per session, 10% discount!)
20 Pack of Classes – $1400 ($70 per session, over 20% discount!)
30 Pack of Classes –  $1950 ($65 per session, over 25% discount!)
*it is an additional $10 per person, per class on top of the prices listed above to do couples or small group classes.

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