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The information on this page is given to you so that you can define what you want in your private yoga lesson, and we can provide the best yoga experience for you.  The things that you will need to define when helping us to develop your private yoga lesson are the type/style of the class, any injuries or health conditions, your intention for the practice, and any specific goals you may have.  In the remainder of this page we will define and give examples of all these areas of your potential yoga program.

Injuries, Health Conditions, and Intentions

what you need to know to practice yoga

Express Yourself

You may be wondering what injuries and health conditions would effect a yoga class because you have never had the opportunity to share this with a yoga teacher and have the class sequenced around these issues before.  The answer is: all of them.  If you have a hurt knee, we need to know about it.  If you have high blood pressure, we need to know about it.  All of these things must be taken into consideration when practicing yoga, and we can develop your private yoga class sequence to address and treat these problems.  If you feel pain in any area of your body, if a certain pose is painful for you, or your no matter what you do your body isn’t flexible in one area or another, its something we need to know so we can develop the best yoga experience for your individual and unique body.  Everyone is different, and that is a wonderful thing! Therefore, one sequence may not be good for some people and may be great for others.  It is all ok, and the more you share the better your session will be.

The intention for a practice is what you want to get out of it.  What are your goals? How are you feeling today? You may be practicing yoga for weight loss, therapy for an injury, back pain, strength and toning of the body, or to increase flexibility.  These are all intentions.  These more specific your intention the more we can specify the sequence.  For example, “I want to strengthen my shoulders and create more flexibility in my hamstrings” or “I want a dynamic practice for weight loss that helps me progress in headstand” are both examples of good, specific intentions.  If you are not sure what you need to improve on or how to be specific, no problem! After the first session we can help you with what we judge is most beneficial for you and create a specific intention together.

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