Why Yoga in Corporate Wellness?

Many jobs today require employees to sit in front of computers, stand on our feet, and work for 8-10 hours at a time, which is hardly an ideal environment for our bodies.  While these jobs are extremely important and their employees highly valued, it is becoming more obvious that companies need to give something back to aid in better health and fitness. Corporate wellness programs have been developed across the country to aid employees in creating the healthy lifestyle they deserve.  This starts from having gym equipment in the office, to refunds for money spent on gym memberships.  But now there is a new option for companies to offer their employees: yoga.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular in the workplace. Many companies now recognize the value of yoga and its ability to lower stress levels, promote well-being, and allow for a healthier state of mind. Companies such as Google, Apple, Chase Bank, and many more offer yoga classes to their employees according to Yoga Journal.

Offering office yoga classes provides obvious benefits to your employees, but is also beneficial to your company. By lowering stress levels, you allow your employees to work with greater productivity, a clear mind, and healthier body. Stress is the leading cause of doctors visits and costs companies about $300 billion annually (American Institute for Stress).  Your company can benefit by:

  • Increasing productivity from employees
  • Reduction in number of sick days
  • Reduction in health insurance due to healthy employees
  • Creating a healthy and stress free work environment

The benefits for employees include:

  • Lowering stress levels which cause 90% of doctors visits
  • Increase flexibility, strength, and stamina
  • Healthier heart, blood, and bone condition
  • Peace of mind

Why Bring Yoga to the Workplace?

Bringing yoga into the workplace cuts down on travel time for your employees to and from the gym either before or after work.  Providing corporate yoga classes in the office helps to create a peaceful work environment and gives your employees something to look forward to at the start or end of their day.  By offering in-office classes, your employees will thank you for your vested interest in their wellbeing!

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